Getter/setter for the URL of the image used in the material that wraps the globe. If no image is provided, the globe is represented as a black sphere. Also provides API to create a bump map in the material, to represent the globe's terrain.

globe_img_url(globe, url = image_url())

bump_img_url(globe, url = image_url("topology"))



An object of class globe as returned by create_globe, or an object of class globeProxy as returned by globeProxy.


URL of the image layer to use.


# basic create_globe() %>% bump_img_url() # use in shiny library(shiny) ui <- fluidPage( actionButton("btn", "Add img"), globeOutput("globe") ) server <- function(input, output){ output$globe <- renderGlobe({ create_globe() }) observeEvent(input$btn, { globeProxy("globe") %>% bump_img_url() }) }
# NOT RUN { shinyApp(ui, server) # }